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4 Ways To Style Your Hair This Summer!


With summers come endless trips to the refrigerator for that delicious chocolate-chip ice cream, drowning yourself in deodorant and of course…trying out pretty hairstyles to keep the heat at bay.

We don’t know about you, but we ain’t complaining about super easy, heat less hair dos for the summer. Without further ado (pun intended), here are four fun ways to style your hair!

The Circle Clip

Every girl has days when your hair is a hot mess. This style is great for when you’re having a bad hair day because you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make it look dazzling. Perfect for a casual dinner or even just for running errands, a style complete with a circle clip is all you need.

Side braid


This is a classic. No one has ever managed to resist a side braid (and why would you even want to?). There are a bunch of options when it comes to the side braid. Whether you go for a spectacular standard braid or a flawless fish-tail one, you’ll slay no matter what.

What’s more, it’s the ideal do for when your hair isn’t *ahem* super clean. Hey! It happens to the best of us. Just grab a teasing comb and some clear rubber bands and you’re good to go.

Topsy Low Bun

Who said hair buns have to be placed at the top of your head? There are no rules when it comes to bun-making. A loose bun tied at the base of your skull gives off elegant princess-y vibes that you can rock at summer events or romantic date nights. Let a few strands loose to frame that gorgeous face and viola!

Messy Top Knot

Remember what we said about buns and rules?

An accidently-on-purpose disheveled hairstyle is all the rage these days. The best part is, you don’t even need to use elaborate hair styling tools for a ‘messy’ top knot. What a time to be alive, huh? Simply flip your head, gather all the hair into a ponytail and comb through it with your fingers to give it that seductively teased look. You’re welcome.

So there you have it! Fun summer-friendly ways to keep it 100 with your locks. If you really want perfection, visit a professional hair salon and pick out a cute do. There are some styles that, try as you might, you just can’t make on your own.

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