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Tips to Care For Your Weave


Do I wash my hair extensions with my natural hair? How often do I wash? Is washing hair extensions even allowed!? To all our divas slaying in weaves out there, we hear ya! We know that caring for hair extensions can get…interesting.

To ease your hair care troubles, here’re our top tips to maintain a gorgeous weave!

Combing and Detangling

Keeping a weave tangle-free doesn’t have to be difficult. It all boils down to how gently you comb through your hair. You want to slowly detangle from the bottom up, preferably right after you’ve taken a shower.

Keep in mind that the braid or tracks are sewn onto your natural hair. Yank through the extensions too harshly and you might rip them out altogether. Take it from us—nobody wants to be caught in that situation.

Washing Your Extensions & Natural Hair

This may get a bit tricky because you can’t wash your hair like you normally do. We recommend using a gentle, sulfate-free argan oil-infused shampoo to nourish the scalp followed by a leave-in conditioner to maintain the gloss.

Carefully use your fingertips to get to all the crevices and the hard-to-reach areas of your sew-in.

Drying Your Weave

If you don’t want your locks smelling like mildew, dry them completely after a good wash. Take your dryer out and treat yourself to a proper blow out.


When sections of your weave remain wet for long periods, it can lead to a real funky smell (and potentially mold).

It’s Inevitable…You’re Going To Scratch

You’re only human. Use a rat-toothed comb instead of your fingernails to do the scratching. When you get extensions, washes become more spaced out. So it’s totally normal to have a mildly itchy scalp. Go for a scalp soothing product that’ll provide quick relief.

Get A Good Hair Dresser

There’re no two opinions about it—regular visits at a professional hair salon is the ultimate way to keep those gorgeous extensions (and natural hair) in top condition. Forget water, a hairdresser who knows how to care for hair extensions is going to become your new best friend. (How many of ya’ll got the Hunger Games reference?)

Weave Maintenance? Trinity Natural Hair Care Is The Only Hair Salon You Need!

It doesn’t matter if you a have human hair or synthetic hair weave situation going on, our hair ninjas will keep it looking as great as it did at Day 1.

We are a full-service hair salon based in Easton, PA and offer the latest chic hair styling and hair care services. When it comes to hair extensions our wide range of styles is second to none.

Whether you want to treat yourself to fresh hair extensions, keep them looking their best or remove them in favor of another equally amazing do, we’ve got you covered. Both virgin, unprocessed hair and highest quality synthetic hair pieces are available with us.

So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to our salon and treat those luscious locks, girl!