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Ways to Fall In Love With Your Naturally Curly Hair


Here’s an age-old beauty secret—all the things that make you ‘you’ are beautiful. It’s as simple as that, ladies. That said, your hair is a key component of the miracle that is you.

Many curly-haired divas heat-style those gorgeous locks into ramrod-straight submissions. While it’s cool to switch up your hairstyle from time to time, what’s not okay, is to consider any one style to be the epitome of perfection.

If you don’t feel utterly gorgeous when flaunting your natural curly hair, there’s a problem. A one-way ticket to the city of self-confidence is learning to love the hair that your mama gave you.

Here’s how you can conquer the world in those curls.

Be Grateful For Your Gorgeous Hair

Your curls are part of your hair-itage (#sorrynotsorry); instead of cursing your genes, consider being grateful for a head full of magnificent locks. Take a good look in the mirror and recognize that those sensational strands of DNA represent where you came from.

Choose Own-The-Curl Hairstyles

Perm Rod Set: A common style many women rave about is a perm rod set. This hairstyle is perfect for those with short or medium length coils because it enhances the appearance of already thick, bouncy hair.

Perm rod sets are a heatless alternative to curling hair and can be used on natural and relaxed hair. A fun style to wear to work and to a girls’ night out, this voluminous style will revitalize your curly mane and keep you coming back for more.

Two-Strand Twist: For all the ladies looking for a chic, versatile plaited style, consider a two-strand twist. A two-strand twist is not just for looks, it’s a terrific style to protect your hair from breakage and split-ends. This summer-friendly hairstyle requires a braiding expert’s fingers to add the magic touch.

Control The Frizz

It doesn’t matter if you were gifted with fabulously frizzy hair or if you live in a high-humidity area (or both), repeat this mantra—my frizz is fine. There’s no earthly reason for you to be self-conscious about the natural texture of your coiled coiffure. If you feel that your hair frizz is taking the attention away from your hairstyle, try organic naturally curly hair frizz-control products that’ll revert all the attention to that gorgeous style.


Pamper Your Curly Hair At Trinity Natural Hair Care

Whether it’s a casual house party or a red-carpet-like event, you can be sure to have the ultimate hair experience at Trinity Natural Hair Care. We provide trend-setting hair styling services including perm rod set, flexi rod set, two-strand twist and more.

Our full-salon services include hair colors, cuts, extensions, weaves, braiding as well as herbal hair restoration treatments.

If you’re in or around Easton, PA, get in touch with us to give those glorious tresses the love they deserve!